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It may become apparent that an existing home is no longer roomy enough for its inhabitants or that its current arrangement of internal spaces is inconvenient or incompatible with a superior and more appealing design. Intelligently expanding a home into unused outside spaces or rearranging interior spaces by selectively redesigning walls and other permanent features often can significantly improve the home experience and increase its resale value. A large spare bedroom can expand into a cozy guest room and a small, professional home office, for example, or a stuffy division of the living room from the kitchen can be opened up into a combined living space that conveys a pleasing impression of open air and exposure to warm sunlight. Parents can greet their new child with a freshly constructed private room, and an older home can make better use of a weedy backyard corner by converting it into a clean, protected storage room that frees up the rest of the house from unnecessary clutter.

As one of Vernon B.C.’s most trusted contractors, we know the best way to start a home renovation or addition project is with a solid understanding of your needs, we listen to what you like and dislike about and the key issues you would like to address. From there we can determine what solution will be best so you can have a home that functions seamlessly with your lifestyle.

LDR Construction helps you:

  • Create a realistic budget and timeline for your project.
  • Design an efficient and functional layout for your home
  • Optimize current spaces to meet your needs
  • Assist you in the selection of building and finish materials, we can also connect you with an Interior Design specialist.
  • Build or renovate your dream home!

A large scale home renovation project can be a daunting task for both the homeowners and the contractor. Choosing an experienced and trusted company can make a huge difference in the outcome of your home renovation project. At LDR Construction we have the experience, knowledge and the team to bring your project across the finish line in. We use a systemic approach to our renovations so every part of your renovation has a process, you will always be in the know about your project costs, timeline and any issues that may come up.

We start every home renovation project with our design and planning phase where we gather all the information needed to deliver the best possible experience. Picking finish materials can be a daunting task with a large scale project and LDR Construction will be with you at every turn. By partnering with local building material suppliers and product sales reps we take the mystery out of selecting products and materials for your project. Using quality building materials in all our projects make a difference in the functionality and long term performance of your completed home renovation project.

So whether you are looking to completely renovate your entire home, add an addition or change the structural layout of your existing home LDR Construction can handle the task.

Not all contractors are organized, reliable and trustworthy to complete large scale projects, choosing LDR Construction will guarantee that your project gets completed the way it was designed and planned.

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