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Kitchen Remodeling

Is your kitchen due for any update? The remodeling contractors at LDR Construction Ltd. can help you get incredible results, no matter your vision for your kitchen.

We are expert kitchen contractors and designers that work alongside our clients to create remarkable and cohesive kitchen spaces. If you are ready to get started on your new kitchen, it is as simple as reaching out to our team for more details.

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We Do Kitchen Redesign Your Way

A kitchen that has served you well but is now a little outdated deserves a redesign that will make you proud. Would you like to add new features to your kitchen, like a double or apron sink, chef’s stove, or a refrigerator that is the perfect size to hold all the ingredients you need to make your favorite dishes?

Perhaps you’d like to move things around and create a layout that better serves your needs. Whatever you choose, we’re the right kitchen remodel designer for the job. Our proven method allows us to work closely with you to create a plan that meets the highest safety and quality standards.

Get started today by contacting our representatives to schedule a non-committal consultation appointment.

Dependable Kitchen-Remodeling Services to Suit Every Project Over the years, we’ve added a robust selection of premium kitchen-remodeling services to better serve your needs.

Some of our most popular kitchen renovations have included:

  • Custom counters and cabinets
  • Kitchen islands makeovers
  • New kitchen layout
  • New appliance installation
  • Kitchen flooring
  • Kitchen lighting redesign
  • And much more!

Your ideas for the perfect kitchen are as unique as you and your home are, and we’re looking forward to hearing more about them and connecting you with the resources and expertise you need for peace of mind from start to finish.

Connect with us to learn more about what we can do to ensure your kitchen turns out beautifully.

Kitchen Island Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen’s island is an affordable way to uplift the room and provide you, your guests, and your loved ones with the space you need to make culinary magic happen. Whether you’d like added space to cook and entertain, or you’d like to reorient your kitchen and add more sink and cooktop opportunities, we have what it takes to meet your elevated expectations.

Speak to our design team to learn more about the many luxurious options available.

Redoing Kitchen Cabinets

Drab kitchen cabinets make a statement, but it’s not usually the one you’d like them to make. Take the opportunity to revive old kitchen cupboards or remove and replace them with custom designs that create optimal value.

Whether you have something in mind or want to personalize a custom design, we’re the experts you can trust to breathe life into your ideas. Phone us today to get started.

Custom Countertops

From beautiful butcher’s block surfaces to custom countertops made with the highest quality materials, there is no limit to the selection available at your fingertips.

Work with us to ensure your project goes as expected from beginning to end, and enjoy the process knowing we’ll always answer your call and questions as quickly as possible.

Streamlined Kitchen Construction

Our project management expertise means that on your scheduled kitchen construction day, we’ll have everything needed to get started on time. This includes ensuring safety precautions are considered and making sure all the materials, building equipment, tools, and personnel are where they need to be when we need them.

Our commitment to top-tier craftsmanship and building to the highest standards means you can be assured you’re getting the value you expect. Call our skilled kitchen contractors today to get the ball rolling by booking an appointment for a zero-obligation consultation.

Your Source for Kitchen Upgrades

If you are looking for one of the area’s top kitchen remodeling companies, you have come to the right place. Our kitchen renovation crew is comprised of some of the best local contractors, so you will never have to make any compromises with your project.

Our licensed and insured team will go the extra mile to provide you with breathtaking kitchen makeovers. We are experts at bringing our clients’ ideas to life, so you can rest assured that your new kitchen will be everything you hoped for and more.

Full-Service Kitchen Remodelers

Our kitchen contractors are capable of providing everything you need to upgrade your cooking space. Whether you are dreaming big or small, we will be happy to lend a hand and help you get the best possible results.

Here are some of the ways that we can breathe new life into your kitchen:

  • New countertops
  • Kitchen island installation
  • Refreshing your cabinet hardware
  • Flooring and tile installation
  • New sinks or plumbing fixtures
  • Backsplash installations
  • New lighting

Anything is possible when you work with our qualified team of kitchen remodeling contractors, so keep us in mind when you are ready to start planning your renovations.

Minimize the Inconvenience of Your Kitchen Renovations

Here at LDR Construction Ltd., we understand that our clients use their kitchens on a daily basis, which is why we do everything we can to deliver quick turnarounds on all of our remodeling projects. We make sure to plan all of our work carefully so that once we begin the renovations, we can operate with maximum efficiency. We never take on more work than we can handle, so you never have to worry about delays or project extensions when you trust us with the job.

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

We work hard to ensure we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to kitchen designs. We know that many of our clients want their kitchens to look modern, which is why we regularly update our remodeling capabilities. If you have recently seen a kitchen design that has inspired you to make changes to your own home, we guarantee that we are up to the task.

Function Kitchens That You Love to Spend Time In

While we are designing beautiful, aesthetically pleasing kitchens, we never lose sight of the fact that they are still rooms that need to be used. Our contractors can help you create a layout that complements the way that you use your kitchen, so preparing food becomes an enjoyable activity. With our company, you never have to choose between form and functionality, so get in touch with us today to learn more.

Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations

The humblest kitchen can carry warm memories of comfort and togetherness. Alas, even the most faithful kitchen inevitably suffers its small injuries and quiet accumulations of graceful aging. Some kitchens merely lose their relevancy to modern sensibilities while other kitchens suffer from bright aesthetic and functional defects that clash with the expectations of the current residents. A few kitchens may even urgently demand expert attention to repair the consequences of sad neglect. All of these problems can be addressed with a thoughtful kitchen-remodeling project. In the hottest housing markets, springing for a kitchen remodel is a substantial investment, often returning more than 100 percent of the cost. In B.C., for instance, a $38,400 kitchen remodel recouped 182 percent of its cost at resale, according to 2014 study.

At LDR Construction renovating or remodeling your kitchen is one of our specialty areas. We use our many years of experience coupled with great design to create a kitchen that is both functional for you and your family and will stand the test of time.

All our kitchen remodel and renovation projects include standard design and planning services so you can make the right decisions and have a kitchen that is well designed to suit your needs. Our planning and design process sets the foundation for the success of your remodeling or renovation project.

Once we complete the design and planning phase we move onto the demolition and construction phase of your project. We then inspect and replace/remove any old and depreciated mechanical, plumbing and electrical components to make way for your new kitchen.

All our sub-trades are fully licensed and insured so you are guaranteed worry-free functionality from your new kitchen for years to come and our craftsmanship warranty cover you if any issues should arise.

After the plumbing, mechanical and electrical components have been upgraded we begin to reconstruct your kitchen to the design that has been agreed upon.

By partnering with local suppliers we make selecting products and materials for your new kitchen as easy and informative as possible. We understand that buying fixtures and cabinets for your kitchen can very challenging with all the options on the market. When you choose LDR Construction for your kitchen remodel or renovation project we connect you with our network of designers, suppliers and sales reps to help you make the right decisions for your new kitchen.

Using quality building materials in all our projects makes a difference in the functionality and performance of your new kitchen. All our products and services come with warranties so if you have any issues with your new kitchen you can rest assured that they will be addressed even after we have left your job site.

After completing numerous kitchen renovation and remodeling projects for many satisfied clients you can rest assured that LDR Construction has the skills and knowledge to turn your vision into reality. Paying attention to the details is what sets us apart from the others, we put excellent customer service at the forefront of our business and our track record proves we deliver on our promises.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all renovation companies are equal!

Choose LDR Construction for your kitchen renovation and remodeling needs, You won’t be disappointed!

Did you know that over the years people spend an accumulated three years, or more, in the kitchen? Any space that you’re going to spend that much time in should be one you enjoy. Custom kitchens are one of the biggest benefits to being a homeowner, and at LDR Construction Ltd. we love to inspire our clients and make the kitchen remodel design process a fun one.

From walls, to floors, to cabinetry, lighting, islands and appliances—there is so much you can do with a kitchen. Designer kitchens aren’t just for professionals, they’re for anyone who enjoys cooking and eating great food. On top of this, they’re a great investment—one of the top remodeling projects that will get you a high return should you choose to sell your home.

So get an idea in mind, and let us know when you’d like to start!

Benefits of Custom Kitchens

It’s surprising how much you can get out of remodeling your kitchen. Depending on the size of the project it can be a lengthy and sometimes pricey process, but in the end, it’s always worth it.


You can recoup as much as 70% of your kitchen renovation costs. That shiny new kitchen will also attract homebuyers to sell your property faster when it comes time.


With updated energy-efficient appliances, you’ll find yourself saving big on energy bills. Energy Star appliances and LED lights are just a few features you can add.


Energy-efficient appliances are also eco-friendly. But beyond this, the materials you use can help too. Ask us about your salvaged and recycled material options.


Even if you love your older kitchen, there’s nothing quite like a modern upgrade. We can even retain the original bones so you get the best of both worlds.

Why Choose LDR Construction Ltd.?

One of the biggest things any kitchen renovation company will advise against is doing it yourself. Yes, hiring a professional involves a certain cost. But in the end, you’ll be saving big by saying “no” to DIY.

Time Spent

A professional contractor can get your kitchen repaired quickly and still retain quality.

Money Saved

Pay for services up front, but save on materials and don’t worry about future repairs.

Creative Suggestions

We’re not new to this. We’ve completed many projects and will have suggestions you may not have considered!


A professional job is made to last and if it doesn’t, that’s on us.

Remodeling Made Easy

Our promise to you is remodeling made easy. No one enjoys a lengthy and stressful build that seems like it’ll never end. Kitchen remodel design is a lot of work, but it should be fun work. Just look at your end goal!

Hire LDR Construction Ltd. and together we can partner up to have a smooth build that leaves you with a beautiful designer kitchen that you never want to leave. Large or small, we’re up to the challenge and can’t wait to receive your call! Get in touch now to schedule our first meeting.

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