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Every renovation or new construction project comes with its own unique set of challenges and demands. Trying to understand the process can cause certain emotions to surface. For most homeowners, real estate is their most valuable asset and renovating or upgrading that real estate is a big investment in both physical costs and time; weeks, months and even years can be spent on a project and there are literally hundreds of decisions to be made. Our Industry leading estimating and design services have been created to make your home renovation or remodel a success while giving you peace of mind for your biggest investment!

Do you have an idea, basic concept or even some preliminary drawings for your project? Whether you need the conception of basic sketches or the development of a full construction plan LDR Construction has the resources to properly plan and design your project. A kitchen remodel, addition, adding a second story, or completely gutting your entire home and rebuilding it your liking… these are all major home renovations that require extensive planning and design. A well planned and designed renovation can cost significantly less and run a lot smoother, yes there will always be “tweaks” and changes in the field, and as planning becomes reality you will get to see your vision becoming a reality. Nothing sets up a project for success more than a solid, well thought-out, and detailed design.

Every construction company operates differently and there are various methods to set-up and contract each project: cost plus, management only, design-build, etc. As a custom company, we’re here to tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Regardless of how a project is set up, construction management is the service constant on all construction projects. Our services include project set up, providing a construction timeline, ordering materials, scheduling various subcontractors and crews to perform the work, working with city inspectors and structural engineers, providing updates regarding the progress of your project, ensuring your home is safe and secure, and of course, quality controlling the work. Our relationships with homeowners are usually long term and develop into a strong bond based on trust and respect, finding a reliable and competent construction company that meets these needs and makes you feel comfortable during the whole process is extremely important.

So your renovation or remodel is complete, now what? LDR Construction has interior design specialists ready to assist you with every choice. An interior designer offers a unique perspective to any construction project and can be of great assistance during the renovation process. If you truly connect with someone who understands your style and tastes they can be involved in the very beginning of the design and planning process. Assisting you with selecting your finishes, tile, countertops, cabinet design, colors, textures, and furniture. This guarantees that your home will look and feel the way it was designed and built. All our projects come with standard design and planning services, if you require an interior designer we will connect you with a professional to assist you with your needs.


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