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Bathroom Remodeling Renovations

While the bathroom may not be as central to daily life as the living room or the kitchen, time spent in this relatively small room nonetheless contributes significantly to the basic cleanliness and comfort that sharply define the quality of the rest of the day. Routine irritation over the deficiencies of an older bathtub or shower arrangement can distract attention from the joys of a new day, and bathroom tiles, flooring products, and wall coverings do gradually lose their original water-resistant properties and aesthetic appeal. A carefully designed bathroom remodeling project can sharply raise the quality of the bathroom experience and yield a more satisfactory appearance that harmonizes with the rest of the house.

At LDR Construction we remodel bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. The process starts with the design and planning phase and after we have a design that meets your needs we begin the construction phase of your new bathroom.

Removing as much as we can from your existing bathroom gives us a fresh start for your new bathroom. Many unseen problems could be lurking just underneath the surface and by removing all the old finishes we can clearly see what will need to be replaced or upgraded. We do not recommend leaving any old plumbing, electrical or mechanical connections as these components may not meet current building codes and have possibly reached the end of their service life. In order for your new bathroom to be free of any issues, we address these problems at this stage.

We use fully Licenced and Insured sub-trades to complete all mechanical installations and repairs so you are guaranteed worry-free functionality from your bathroom for years to come.

After the plumbing, mechanical and electrical components have been upgraded we begin to re-construct your bathroom to the design that has been agreed upon.

By partnering with local building material suppliers we make selecting your products as easy and informative as possible. We understand that buying fixtures for your bathroom can very challenging with all the options on the market. When you choose LDR Construction for your bathroom to remodel we connect you with our network of designers, suppliers and sales reps to help you make the right decisions for your new bathroom.

Using quality building materials in all our renovations makes a difference in the functionality and performance of your new bathroom. All our products and services come with warranties so if you have any issues with your new bathroom you can rest assured that they will be addressed.

After completing numerous bathroom renovations for many satisfied clients you can rest assured that LDR Construction has the skills and knowledge to turn your vision into reality. Paying attention to the details is what sets us apart from the others, we put excellent customer service at the forefront of our business and our track record proves we deliver on our promises.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all renovation companies are equal!

This is the year you transform your boring old bathroom into something spectacular! Over your lifetime, you will spend an accumulated one and a half years or more in the bathroom. As the most versatile room in your home—a space you use for necessity, relaxation and probably even work tasks—it should be a pleasant place to be.

The LDR Construction Ltd. specialty is turning any size bathroom into exactly what you envision when you think about your dream bathroom. Elegant, funky, modern or classic—we’ve had the pleasure of doing it all—and even combining styles for truly unique results!

Benefits of Remodeling

If you’re not quite sure about going through with a bathroom renovation, there are some points you may like to consider.


Updated bathrooms raise your home’s resale value. When you invest in this project, you will get a return on investment equal to or better than what you put into it!


Even if you don’t want a modern look, modern features are guaranteed to make you enjoy your bathroom more, even if you didn’t expect to. Shower heads, faucets and even toilets have come a long way.


Most older bathrooms don’t have the best storage options. Find yourself always leaving things out on the counter? You could use an upgrade.


New features and designs are exciting. Making your bathroom more attractive and comfortable will make it more enjoyable, not to mention the envy of all your friends.

At LDR Construction Ltd. we’re not afraid to say we appreciate a good bathroom.

Endless Options

When going into a bathroom remodel, your imagination can start to run a little wild. Large or small space, big or small budget, there are many options available for any kind of bathroom to turn it into an amazing space!

For smaller budgets, consider:

  • Updating cabinet hardware
  • Installing new faucets and shower heads
  • Updating lighting fixtures
  • Adding some color with fresh paint or wallpaper

For larger budgets, consider:

  • Removing a wall for more space
  • Installing a freestanding tub or luxury shower
  • Incorporating technology with dramatic LED lighting
  • Installing a sound system

No matter where you’re starting, we’ll make sure where you end up is worth the work.

What Can You Do?

Before jumping into a bathroom renovation and before even contacting us, start by budgeting. There are plenty great spots online to check out the different renos you would like to make in your bathroom and their approximate costs. Figure out how much you can spend, and what aspects of the renovation are most important to you. With a cost in mind, run free and get inspired!

Your Bathroom Experts

If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling experts, you’ve come to the right place! LDR Construction Ltd. is in the business of creating fantastic bathrooms even if room size is a limitation.

Give us a call or email us to start discussing your bathroom renovation. We’ll set up a meeting in your home, and provide you with a detailed, free estimate!

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